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Association of the month April 2023: Campaigning for the rights of tyre and parts dealers

TEPA Coverage in the media September 2022 – February 2023

In September 2022 TEPA initiated a proactive public relations exercise, aimed at increasing brand awareness with our customers.

Making sure TEPA features consistently in the media around the country is one of our core strategic objectives to help build our brand and help drive business to our various member businesses.

Over the months we have seen excellent progress and traction in the media.  From 1 September 2022 – end February 2023 we have received a total of 242 placements, with a PR value of R4 774 041.00. The PR value is worked out at 3 x the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) – the value we would have paid if we had taken out a paid advert instead of receiving all this ‘earned’ media coverage.  This means we have reached just under 2,3 million potential customers.

Each month we will share with you a complete list of the articles we have distributed and show you where they have been placed. To view the article simply click on the headline of each article and you will be able to see the original article. You will also be able to see the AVE of each article and its circulation.

To view our coverage since September click here https://tepa.org.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2023/05/TEPA-Hitting-the-HeadlinesSep-February.pdf

Vishal Premlall TEPA National Director

RT46 Business Registration as Merchants

Dear RMI – TEPA Member,

Trust that you’re keeping safe, and doing well.




WesBank, a division of FirstRand Ltd, has been awarded the RT46 Category C tender, effective 1 April 2021. This tender pertains to the managing of repairs and maintenance of the Government fleet.



TEPA has been in discussions with Wesbank to assist our members who are interested in providing services on the RT 46 contract. This includes the effective on-boarding process of registration of Service Providers.



Wesbank has engaged with a 3rd party, FlowCentric, who is responsible for managing the registration process and communication has been sent to industry recently.


In an ongoing effort to assist our TEPA Members this communication is aimed at providing assistance with the registration process:


           Format will be an electronic registration process.


           To register, send e-mail to rt46merchants-new@flowcentric.com or phone
087 135 5553.


           You are required to supply the following information in the e-mail:


o      Name of the Company.


o      Contact person.


o      Relevant telephone numbers.


o      E-Mail address.



           FlowCentric Resourcing will then mail you a EXCEL Spreadsheet to complete, which you have to mail back asap (attached).  NOTE – please do not PDF the document and no spaces, brackets, commas, etc. in the telephone and cell number fields.  Please note deadline for submission of the EXCEL Spreadsheet is 26 February 2021 and should be send to rt46merchants-new@flowcentric.com



           Your Merchant details will then be captured on the database where after you will receive an e-mail (within 5 days) with a link directing you to the Merchant Portal, together with a unique username and password (see attached Manual for the process).


           You need to provide all requested information and documentation as per the Merchant Portal (see Manual for the list of requirements).


           Details of the relevant WesBank official in case of any queries is the WesBank Merchants Department: 011 649 3558 or email merchantsdept@wesbank.co.za


           Details of the FlowCentric Officials:


RT46 New Merchant Application




RT46 Onboarding process



RT46 Update of information



WesBank – Merchant related queries or work allocation queries.



WesBank – RT46 Queries



SAPS Merchant Queries


 pdf icon RT46 Notice 30-05-2023.pdf

 pdf icon MerchantOnboarding_TrainingManual Feb 2023.pdf

xls icon Merchant onboarding Form Feb 2023.xlsx

Along the way with TEPA 12/2020

Social and mainstream media speculation regarding reintroduction of hard-lockdown

Social and mainstream media speculation regarding reintroduction of hard-lockdown

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Torquing of Wheel Nuts & Studs

Why do we need to TORQUE the Wheels?

How to TORQUE the wheel nuts & bolts correctly.

What are the various fastener seat styles?