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We are excited to introduce the Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association (TEPA), a distinguished representative body for the automotive aftermarket industry. TEPA encompasses tyre shops, fitment centres, equipment suppliers, and parts outlets, promoting genuine, high-quality branded products and fostering international trade.

Our commitment to integrity, fair trade, and compliance ensures that consumers, business operators, and government entities can trust in our members’ services. By prioritizing continuous learning and staying ahead of technological advancements, TEPA is dedicated to enhancing industry standards and supporting South Africa’s National Development Plan.

Join us at TEPA and be part of a network that values professionalism, quality, and sustainable growth!

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Equipment Distributor

Fitment Centre - Batteries

Fitment Centre - Exhaust

Fitment Centre - Glass

Fitment Centre - Shocks

Fitment Centre - Tow Bars

Fitment Centre - Tyres

Fitment Centre - Wheel Alignment

Fitment Centre - Brakes


Import Agent

Mag Wheel Repairer

Manufacturer's Distributor

New Tyre Dealer

Replacement Parts - Crash Parts

Replacement Parts - Engine Parts

Replacement Parts - Parts & Accessories


Tyre Importers


Used Parts

Warehouse - Crash Parts

Warehouse - Engine Parts

Warehouse - Parts & Accessories

Warehouse Only

Minor Services

At TEPA, we place significant emphasis on inter-associational business networking, fostering a collaborative environment where industry players can thrive. Our commitment to integrity and fair trade has earned us a sterling reputation among consumers, business operators, and the government. We proudly serve as the legitimate voice for the tyre, equipment, and parts industry in South Africa, advocating for the interests of our members and ensuring a fair and competitive marketplace.

TEPA members adhere to a strict code of conduct and ethics, ensuring that consumers can have peace of mind when engaging with members. Should any issues arise, our robust recourse mechanisms provide additional assurance and support through an alternate dispute resolution process.  

We invite you to watch our introductory video, which offers a comprehensive overview of who we are and what we stand for. Discover how TEPA can be your trusted partner, providing unparalleled support and resources to help your business succeed in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Join TEPA today and be part of an association that is committed to excellence, continuous improvement, and the advancement of the automotive aftermarket industry in South Africa. Together, we can drive progress and achieve new heights of success.