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Sick, Accident & Maternity Fund Calculator

The Sick, Accident and Maternity Fund Disclaimer
This calculator is designed to provide an indication of the minimum projected savings based upon the inputs of your specific business structure.
The wages and salaries are calculated based upon the MIBCO wage and salaries tables applicable at the time of use. The SAF contributions are also as per the current applicable schedule.
The Cost of Sick leave is calculated as a percentage of the 10 days per year out of the 3 year 30 day cycle allocation.
The Calculator does not take into consideration additional benefits such as the “Death Benefit” or the “Accident and Maternity” benefits which can accrue unpredictably.

Whilst care has been taken to provide the most correct information, the RMI cannot be held responsible for any variations in savings/losses between this projection calculator and a real life process.