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Annual: HR policy 01.07.2007 – The employee shall ensure that all leave applications are approved & signed off by management before embarking on leave.

Religious: refer hr policy – other than statutory public holidays, employees who wish to take leave for the purpose of religious holidays will have to take such leave as annual leave

Sick: please attach doctors note for period exceeding 2 consecutive days. Nb! During first 6 months, an employee is entitled to one day paid sick leave for every 26 days worked.

Family: leave granted in terms of BCEA legislation.(BCEA ruling – after 4 mths service entitled to 3 days per annum in total & not for each event, on the death of a direct family member, or when a child is born or ill)

Maternity: maternity leave is paid @ 1/3 of monthly salary – 1 mth before the birth date & 3 mths after birth date except where medical certificate authorises shorter or longer period before or after birth date submit application 2 mths prior to expected date of confinement accompanied by medical certificate

Study: 1 day for preparation + 1 day to write per examination paper per academic year/period for approved course – study leave will not be granted for re-writes in the same academic year for preparation of thesis post-graduates may be granted 1 week study leave – 4 weeks notice required prior to all intended study leave

Unpaid: unpaid leave will only be granted, at management discretion, where annual leave has been exhausted & is limited to a maximum of 5 working days per annum

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