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The Table  below has in column 1 and 2 an example of the JOB GRADES alongside the Job Title as per the Main Agreement.

Column 3 of the table then sets out the Function Title as commonly used in store. 

Column 4 onwards sets out by grade the actual job function in on an increasing scale as grades increase. 

The purpose of this document has three purposes:

  1. To provide the business owner with guidance on gradings per job function in store
  2. To provide a guide as to the staff levels required in a store and how to contain the wage structure
  3. To provide a visual aid to explain to workers how the increase in Job Grade increases the work load and does not substitute on for the other.

This sheet is an example only of the structure of a Tyre Fitment Centre, staff levels. It is not a definitive guide to the Job Grading and Wage determination. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, to which the RMI and TEPA reserve the right to change or withdraw the information, at any time. The use of this information is done so entirely at own risk and the RMI and TEPA will not be held accountable for the content hereof.