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TEPA Coverage in the media August and September 2023

Making sure TEPA features consistently in the media around the country is one of our core strategic objectives to help build our brand and help drive business to our various member businesses.

Another positive performance in the media for the months of August and September 2023. We have received a total of 51 placements, with a PR value of R11 861 865, 00. The PR value is worked out at 3 x the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) – the value we would have paid if we had taken out a paid advert instead of receiving all this ‘earned’ media coverage. This means we have reached just over 4.9 Million potential customers.

To view the article simply click on the headline of each article and you will be able to see the original article. You will also be able to see where it was placed, the AVE of each article and its circulation.

Vishal Premlall
TEPA National Director