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Forwarded from Louis Van Huyssteen
Message from RMI4OHS provider’s Gen. Manager, Peter Roodman:

“The asbestos abatement regulation has been published 10 Nov 2020 and 3 minor changes published 22 March 2022. The due date for implementation is 31 May 2022.
The regulation does not focus only on the asbestos contractor and those working with asbestos, but it includes all employers who may expose persons to asbestos fibres due to the work environment. You as an employer or even a homeowner can expose persons to asbestos fibres if you have asbestos on site. Asbestos is common and can be found in most older (20 years) buildings.
As an employer or self-employed person, you need to do the following:
1. Identification – a competent person must identify if any asbestos or asbestos containing materials are present on site
2. If you have asbestos present the following need to be done:
Create an inventory
Conduct an asbestos risk assessment
Write an asbestos management plan
Train employees on the source of asbestos health risks of the asbestos on site, what to do if the asbestos is damaged and how to manage the waste. CSRSza does provide introduction to asbestos awareness training, which you can access through the website: https://www.csrsza.com/
Ensure the asbestos is identified with approved signage
3. If you are planning to remove the asbestos use an approved asbestos contractor
We can assist with identification, inventory, risk assessment, management plans and training to ensure compliance”
RMI webinar: Elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work
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Dear Member, Find attached a radio interview with the TEPA Director Vishal Premlall and Gugu Mfuphi from Kaya FM on the topic of counterfeit parts in South Africa.
Forwarded from Louis Van Huyssteen
COVID 19 Monitor - BCA - June 2022.pdf
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Introduction of legislation regarding Hazardous Biological Agents
Reg compliance - Energy performance certificate.pdf
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Reg compliance - Energy performance certificate.pdf
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IR Seminar Invitation Unfair Labour Practices and EE 28 July 2022
July 2022 Right to Repair Newsletter.pdf
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Right to Repair South Africa July 2022 Newsletter